History of the Willow Tree Aikido Club.


Prior to 1996 the club was part of the St. Ives Kanazawa Budo Club. Sensei Peter Hammond then 2ndDan Doshi was the senior Aikido instructor. It was decided to close down the Kanazawa Budo Club and form individual discipline clubs instead under the umbrella of the Tokushima Budo Council an organisation dedicated to the study of Japanese martial arts and the philosophy of Kyushindo.

The name Willowtree was decided upon by Peter Sensei as a tribute to his sensei Sensei Stockman of the RAF Wyton Aikido Club.At the end of each of his sessions, during the warm down exercises, he would describe the willow tree as similar to an aikidoka as they should draw strength from the earth and energy from the sun; be strong at the base but as with the branches, move with the direction of the force - never against it.