1. Do I need a suit to start training?


There is no need to buy a training suit/Gi right at the beginning. We encourage you to train for a few weeks first. If by then you would like to continue taining we are able to help you in the purchase of a suit/Gi. 


2. What should I wear to class in the 

first few weeks?


You should wear some loose or baggy clothing.

3. Where can I get my training suit/Gi

We are able to help you in the purchase of your suit/Gi (and as you advance a hakama) as we are able to get discounts from online shops. 




4. Do I need to join the club?


The first session is free, if you would like to continue training we ask you to join the TCBI who we are affiliated with, this gets you your license and insurance which are both important & necessary. (£15 per annum)

5. Do you use weapons?


We do at times use weapons as part of our Aikido training. The club owns pleanty of weapons for training but if you would like your own we are able to help you in the purchase of these to help keep the cost low. 


6. How much does it cost to train?


We are a non profit organization so we are able to keep our costs low. We currently charge £7 per full session or £5 per hour session.